Stand Up and Face Life Like a Warrior

“To be successful, you have to be able to handle all of life’s uncertainties.”


–Mehdi Toozhy, engineer and author


When we finally feel like life is under our control, it shakes us with some of the worst realities imaginable. We have to be prepared because life will throw many challenges at us. Things that are out of our control can come and turn our life upside down every day. The following article is about simple ways to deal with the uncertainties of life and still become succeed.


We all come across situations in life where we feel a fear of the unknown. The trouble arises when negative emotions and thoughts take over our mind and we lose the enthusiasm within us to tackle each situation.


Here are few steps to blow off uncertainty and live up to this mysterious yet beautiful journey called life.


Acceptance Can Reduce Half of Your Trouble


If you accept the fact that life is about uncertainty and you may have to face any weird situation the very next moment, the fear and the anxiety of life will vanish. Maybe not immediately, but with practice. You see, everything is in our minds. We can’t change what life throws at us, so why worry? The key is to develop a willingness to experience uncertainty without trying to eliminate or control it. The well-known fact is life is filled with surprises and unexpected events. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it is just life.


If you choose not to accept life’s uncertainties, we have some bad news. Your other option is to keep negative thoughts lingering and invite more trouble.


So just accept the uncertainties and relax!


“Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security.”


John Allen Paulos, American professor of mathematics


Response Control


Be aware that the only thing you can change when something unexpected comes to your life is your response to uncertain events.


If you work on how to respond to different situations, you can be successful. After all, there are no guarantees in life. The only thing we can know for sure is how we will respond. And we will know that only if we practice our responses.


The most difficult part of uncertainty is the inability to plan and feel in control. Well, you can’t be in control when uncertainties come to your way, but you can prepare for different possibilities.


You have to remember things will not go the way you have planned all the time. So what? What’s going to happen? Heaven will not fall from the sky.


Instead of mingling over uncertainties, stand up and face it like a warrior. If you really love your dream, fight for it, do everything possible and don’t give up until the last moment. You need that warrior mentality to succeed.


In most cases, one needs to only fight their own mind. Everything else will fall into place.


The mantra, “I can do it” is more than enough to get over anything in the world. If you are confident enough, nothing can shake you. If you still need to practice that kind of attitude, start with meditation. Meditation can be a really helpful tool for calming your mind. You can even meditate by looking at a glass of water while listening to some relaxing music. It’s proven that water can relax us and bring calmness to our minds.


You have to know it is not possible to get over fears, life uncertainties and negativity in a moment. However, think back to a time when it was difficult to balance your bicycle, learn to swim, dive or do that simple math problem. But look at you today, you came out perfectly fine and worked through all those problems. So, just give it another try!


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