Business Advice From Celebrity Self Branding

In an era of uncensored personal exposure, fiction and script condemnation and pop culture worship of the everyday man, self branding arises as one of the most promising and lucrative marketing plans of the second half of our decade. Glorification of the unreachable has abdicated its throne and given its position to reasonable aspiration. Reality shows have overpassed TV series by rewarding their admirers with free business advice. Secret diets and workouts have been revealed, success strategies have been witnessed and insight on the celebrity-high has been shared as confidential.




Bypassing the media, modern day celebrities cultivate a sense of individuality to each and every one of their fans. By singling-out their Instagram followers, human-like stars treat them as their incognito best friends, their partners in crime and the people they can confide in. Paparazzi and mainstream opinion leaders are depicted as superficial villains when benevolent devoteesthe new decision makers — are accepting towards exposure, character flaws and image imperfections.


Instead of spending their lives daydreaming, digital friends of self-made emperors evolve into go-getters who see their self improvement as the most fruitful investment. Gym memberships, healthy cookbooks, social media profiles, self serving startups and personal blogs have undertaken the gatekeeper’s role to the American dream while perfection make-believe mediums as Photoshop have subsided. For the first time after the long standing Hollywood-perfect prototype erupted or, better- faded away, people embrace their uniqueness as a standing out point and thus a means to differentiation which in turn, is inextricably bound to profitable recognition.




Rather than prioritizing strategic initiatives and setting up an action hierarchy, powerful yet amicable trendsetters seem to juggle four commensurately important business techniques:


Individuality: however controversial their demeanor or appearance, they choose to propose an image of self confidence and certainty. By implying balance, they create steady grounds for inspiration to others who are self conscious and insecure


Radiance: by addressing their shortcomings of figure and character, modern day role models abate their feelings of superiority and succumb to a great equalizer: their human nature. In lieu of embodying an abstract concept of excellence, they choose to cherish their moderate starting point in order to install yet another line of communication with their audience




Adaptability: influencing figures are never reluctant to tryout new technological mediums. They are the first to join arising digital communities and they are willing to tailor their content to agree with original ways of communication. They are never resilient to innovation


Omnipresence: from guest acting, modeling, signing book deals and creating mobile applications, celebrities tend to defy talent classification and emerge into different markets. Multitasking and showing up in unexpected milieus reinforces exposure, ensures familiarity and establishes their credibility


With one symmetrically impacting the other, these pillars and prerequisites of success inaugurate a business-targeting transition from the unapproachable celebrity to the omnipotent everyday man.


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