How the Rover App is Revolutionizing How You Find Content

Flipora has rebranded to Rover as it launches new apps for iPhone & Android. Rover is a content discovery app that connects people with stories from over 15,000 topics that are carefully personalized to their specific taste. It’s an app that I use personally on a daily basis to find content that’s perfect for me. What’s new about Rover is the use of a combination of artificial intelligence and human expertise to cut through all the noise in the world around us.


It’s easy to see how personalized content discovery could help you go further in both your personal and professional life. What is truly revolutionary about how Rover does this for you is the fact that it learns what you like automatically and continuously. Rover also has a strong social element that lets you see interests you share with your friends and make new connections around mutual interests. Rover gives you the opportunity to express yourself and be known for what you find interesting. The ability to also find other people with shared interests offers a new dimension to finding content that may lead a user to find a friend or acquaintance that further enriches their life.


This is a true game changer because finding content has always involved considerable effort on your part even if search engines did the majority of the work. Even then, while some content was returned that met what you are looking for, more often than not there were a lot of links that were irrelevant to what you wanted. This also meant that you most likely missed a lot of content you otherwise would have really enjoyed or that would have helped you in some way.


However, when you have a machine that combines algorithms and human tastemakers working and getting better on a daily basis as it continues to learn, what you get in return is targeted and ongoing content delivered to you in a news feed on your phone or computer that you never would have found on your own or with the help of a search engine.


Additionally, Rover has recently expanded the number of influencers and tastemakers on the platform. Rover exposes you to the great minds within your circle of interests and the knowledge and creative works they share on social media sites like twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Tumblr.


With the name change from Flipora to Rover, the company really wanted to highlight just how pioneering what it offers is in terms of content discovery and the ability to learn the individual interests of millions of users and quickly deliver ongoing relevant content that they want and need, saving them the time and energy of finding – or hoping that they find – it themselves. Just like the Mars Rover, this Rover heads out into unchartered territory and does the work while the rest of us look on in awe and then benefit from what it returns.


This is also just the beginning for a company that has continued to receive a lot of buzz of late. The company has also promised more enhancements to the AI engine and platform in the coming months to further build on the company’s new name and the brand attributes of discovery, connection, value and empowerment that it represents.

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