Tony The Tiger Helps Sex Worker In Grrreatly Offensive Prank Video


Tony the Tiger typically helps young kids seize the day in his Frosted Flakes cereal ads. But a new prank video shows the cartoon mascot helping a distressed sex worker hook new customers.


In the video, which surfaced online Wednesday, two men argue about which one of them will patronize a 43-year-old sex worker named Candy.


“You can ride the baloney pony,” a man says as he counts a fistful of money in front of Candy.


“You can have her,” says the man’s unimpressed friend.


“No, I don’t want her,” replies the man with the money. “You’re stuck with her.”


The video cuts to a depressed Candy, who is walking down the street alongside her cereal pimp, who apparently has a position on sex work: “It’s gr-e-e-a-t!”


“I don’t care Tony, it’s such a stupid job anyway,” Candy tells the sugar-coated-cereal-pushing cartoon tiger.


Tony assures Candy she’ll “show them” and then encourages her to eat a “complete breakfast with my vitamin packed frosted flakes” and promises they’ll “bring out the tiger” in her: “They’re grrrrreat.”


The video, which you can watch above, only gets more offensive from there. As tasteless as it may be for some, the video is apparently part of a larger prank. It appears to have originated from a new website called, which as points out, does a good job of mimicking the real Kellogg’s website.


“I’ve helped so many kids to solve their everyday problems over the years,” reads a statement on the website. “I contacted ten people who were children 30 years ago in my Frosted Flakes commercials, and asked them what their problems are now in their 40’s. See how I helped them!”


The website promises additional videos will be forthcoming.


“Wait till you see tomorrow’s video,” reads a message on the website. “It’s even better than Candy’s.”


The creators of the site did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Huffington Post.


However, the Kellogg Company did confirm Tony is not a sugar daddy.


“The website and video have absolutely nothing to do with Kellogg,” the company said in a statement emailed to The Huffington Post. “Tony is a beloved icon and we will protect the integrity of our brands and our characters.”




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